5 from 35: Author Q & A with Sarahlyn Bruck

BruckSarahlyn Bruck, 46, is the author Designer You, her first book, which was published last month.

How long did it take you to write your first (published) book, start to finish?

Two years. I know exactly when because my husband inadvertently inspired the opening: he built a roof deck on our house and I was terrified he’d fall off. My writer brain immediately perked up and thought, I should write about this fear, so I did!

What kind of work did you do to earn money while writing your first book?  

 We are a dual-income household, pretty evenly split. I teach writing and literature full-time at a community college and also coach writers very part time. I’m so lucky, because my schedule is flexible enough to allow me time to write.

What are you reading right now?

 I’ve started Orly Konig’s Carousel House. It’s been living on my Kindle for a couple of months now and I’m excited to finally have the time to read and enjoy it. I’m also reading The Turner House by Angela Flournoy for book club. Seems like I always have multiple books going at the same time.

Did you ever want to quit? If yes, what kept you going? If no, what kept you going?

I love this question! And it’s a hard question. I can’t say I ever wanted to quit, but there were (are) times when I’m frustrated by my own failures of patience, of discipline, of time. I pride myself on staying organized and on top of my schedule, but when it things go sideways, I don’t always handle it very well. And that makes me want to retreat. In those moments, I think about my long-term goals and how a temporary setback can’t get in my way.

What’s your biggest source of encouragement?

I’m really fortunate to have such a supportive network of family and friends. My mom, brothers, husband, and daughter in particular are my cheerleaders and biggest fans and believe in me and my work. It’s empowering and keeps me focused on the big picture: a long-term career combined with a rich personal life.