5 from 35: Author Q & A with Natasha Tynes

tynes_author_photoNatasha Tynes, 42, publishes her first book THEY CALLED ME WYATT, today from California Coldblood Books.

How long did it take you to write your first (published) book, start to finish?

Three years.

What kind of work did you do to earn money while writing your first book? 

 I have a full time job. I work as a communications professional at an international development organization.

What compelled you to write your story?

It came to be me in a dream. I first wrote it as a short story and presented it to my writers group. One member of the group liked it a lot, and suggested I turn it into a novel, which I eventually did.  So glad I listened to her suggestion!

Did you ever want to quit? If yes, what kept you going? If no, what kept you going?

Yes. Of course! Many, many times. What kept me going were small victories, like a short story being accepted at literarily journal, or a compliment from a fellow author.

What’s your biggest source of encouragement?

My writers’ group. We meet every month and critique each others’ work. They read every single chapter and, gave me line and developmental edits and provided ample amount of support and encouragement. I owe them quite a lot.

What are you reading right now?

I’m reading a nonfiction book about a Syrian refugee called A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea.

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